YES - Most days we have Food for sale at the Taft Trailhead and also at the bottom of the trail at Pearson where you get your shuttle bus.  Please be prepared by having a few dollars with you, or a CC.  We usually stock ICE COLD drinks - Bottled Water - Gatorade - Soft Drinks - Turkey Sandwiches - and other snack items... 

At the Taft Trailhead we have a nice selection of Sweatshirts & T-Shirts, Baseball Caps, Stickers, Magnets, Strap Backpacks and many other items... again these are at the Taft Trailhead and the popular items are the Sweatshirts & T-Shirts which help to keep you warm as the Taft Tunnel runs ~ 47 degrees year round. That's FREE Air Conditioning on a Hot Day! 

Food & Drink along with Hats, Sweat Shirts and Tees available at the Taft Trailhead.  The 1.661 Mile Long Taft Tunnel is a refreshing 47 degrees year round.

A Warm Sweathsirt or Fresh T-Shirt helps to keep one warm when riding through the tunnel.

Plesant and helpful service is our motto.

Please remember what you cary in - you need to carry out.